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Sam Warnaar (2000) is an autonomous Dutch photographer who captures her fascination for the naked body, combined with empty spaces, in (self)portraits. 


‘’I started photographing with the idea that I wanted to become a portrait or fashion photographer. Photographing in the studio with a model led to in my first experience with nude photography. I loved seeing the skin on my camera and the way the body from the model started to tell a story. Clothing no longer mattered. From that moment, I only wanted to capture the body, preferably in an empty space. The emotion from these surroundings and her body spoke for me. More than clothing or a facial expression could do. Only the body remains when identity and status disappear.


After a few years of intuitive photography, I realized, that my photos symbolize the emotions that I not only feel, but also want to capture. It symbolizes my search to being able to be alone and independent. That is why my photography is the way to give attention to that part of me, which leads to finding my identity in my work. For me every photo is a self-portrait. ‘’ 


– Sam Warnaar




Upcoming: Haute Photographie Fair, Amsterdam


NULNUL, Rotterdam - Solo exhibition

KunstRAI, Amsterdam - Art fair


Women in Art, Amsterdam - Group exhibition 


Women in Art, Mercatorplein, Amsterdam - Outside exhibition 

COLLECTIBLES, Kahmann Gallery Berlin - Group exhibition


Haute Photographie Fair, Rotterdam - Art fair


ImageNation, Milan - Just Woman - Group exhibition 

Haute Photographie Fair, Amsterdam Book launch Fresh Eyes 

Haute Photographie Fair, Rotterdam - Book launch GUP New


Droomfabriek, Radio Kootwijk - Solo exhibition


Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam - Group exhibition

Loods 6, Amsterdam - Group exhibition 



Kiekie 'the art issue' 

Pf Magazine


Fresh Eyes  

GUP New 



Haute Photographie - Selected talent


Dutch National Portrait Gallery - Selected for 'The Long List'

Fresh Eyes Talent 

GUP New Talent 

Curious about the exhibitions?



Coda Museum - Fotocafé


Kasteel Woerden - Fotografen Café

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