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Sam Warnaar (2000) is an autonomous Dutch photographer who captures her fascination for the female body, combined with her love for abstraction, composition and minimalism. 

Sam shows the power of vulnerability and believes that when you are vulnerable, the inner strength can grow. She believes in the power of creating together: model and photographer and is inspired by her models who expose themselves to her. 

In 2021 Sam got her bachelor degree ‘Applied Photography and Visual Communication’ in Rotterdam. Nowadays she focuses on fine art photography. In her work she does not feel limited to depicting reality, but she feels free to show her own imagination. 

Her work was exhibited in the Dutch Museum of Photography in Rotterdam and was part of the international exhibition ImageNation in Milan. Besides that, her work has been published in, and on the cover of GUP New 2022 and she has been selected as FRESH EYES European talent 2022. 


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